Buildings for a better future

As architects, we see no compromise between good design and designing for a better future. Our buildings are about material, light and time. Whether a home, a school, or a piece of city, they function beautifully. They’re finished to the highest of specifications. They age well and they are designed to work with the planet, not against it.

Partnering with private clients, enlightened developers, and local authorities, we have demonstrated that it is possible to build beautifully and meet low and net zero carbon targets. We design buildings that are informed by the hyperlocal – local materials, local history, the wants and needs of local people. We champion a circular economy, one that wastes nothing, and that finds value in often overlooked resources, be they materials, buildings, or people. We work in challenging, protected, and sensitive environments. We deconstruct to reconstruct, preferring to adapt and retrofit rather than pull down.

In short, we design beautiful buildings, places and pieces of city for a better future. For work past and present, please see Projects.


Strategising for a net-zero carbon 2030

BakerBrown’s long experience in the design and delivery of low carbon sustainable projects has seen us help developers, fellow practitioners and local authorities solve a range of problems.

Predicated on driving change, it’s a service designed to provide our clients with a practical roadmap for the future. We develop strategies for everything from whole-life carbon footprint reduction to transitioning from linear to circular economy systems to creating built environment ‘material banks’ for the future.

Critically, if we are to reverse climate change and the ecological crisis, then it’s vital that our future cities are as delightful to live in as they are sustainable. Both theoretician and practitioner, we offer a service unique to the UK and rare across the rest of the world.

For more on our consultancy services, please contact Duncan Baker-Brown or Tom Cuthbert.


Communicating for a green tomorrow

The current climate and ecological crises have left many deeply pessimistic about the future. We feel differently. If the built environment is responsible for nearly half the world’s carbon emissions, then it also holds the key to creating a better future.

We have spent our working lives exploring that future. Lead by architect, author and environmental activist Duncan Baker-Brown, we are on a mission to communicate a simple message: we humans – and particularly those of us who work in the built environment – have the knowledge and the ability to design our way out of the crisis. Time is of the essence.

A world-renowned academic and practitioner, Duncan is frequently invited to speak at symposiums in the UK, Europe and Australasia, as well as at TEDx, at conferences, and on television, influential podcasts, and the radio. Held in high esteem by his peers, Duncan was elected to the RIBA Council in 2020.

For more on our keynote speaker services, please contact Duncan Baker-Brown.