News: 25th January 2022

Whole-life Carbon Emissions of Buildings Bill to be Brought Before Parliament

On the 2nd February 2022 Duncan Baker MP (no relation to our Duncan!) will be bringing a Ten-Minute Bill before parliament, partially informed by the work of BakerBrown, that will ask for the whole-life carbon emissions of buildings to be reported, and for the first time require the construction sector to set a limit for embodied carbon!

If supported, this Bill could be a hugely significant step for our industry. However, Baker’s Bill requires the support of his fellow MP’s immediately after the reading if it is to have a chance of proceeding to the next stage and gain a Second Reading on its route to becoming law. It’s therefore imperative that we raise awareness of this important Bill to as many MPs as possible. So please write to your local MP today and encourage them to support Duncan Baker’s massively important De-carbonising Bill on 02nd February.