News: 24th November 2022

Tiziana and Re-Fabricate

Tiziana is not only an architect at BakerBrown, she is also a director at Re-Fabricate, a collective strongly focused on waste re-use in the construction industry.

Re-Fabricate has advocated their ethos through programmes, workshops and collaborations.
Their first project was the "waste re-use challenge" in 2019. The programme started just before the covid-19 pandemic hit and saw six teams of industry professionals, developing products and services focused on reducing waste of construction materials.
For example, the glass team, developed a software based recognition system for glass to be correctly reused and disposed of. The project is continuing and the team is collaborating with industry professionals to develop the software further. More about the project can be read here

As a result of the programme and a few other collaborations, Re-Fabricate was awarded the RIBA Rising Star 2020.

Since then, Re-Fabricate has evolved and as well as running their own programmes, they run workshops in and around the themes of sustainable design and circular economy in construction. These range from short online classes to research and design programmes spanning several months.

More about Re-Fabricate can be read here