News: 8th November 2023

BB adds a B!

We are thrilled to announce that BakerBrown Studio is now officially a certified B Corporation!

This is the culmination of a years long auditing process and acknowledges BakerBrown as an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic company for all people and the planet.

During the process we have been able to assess the workings of the practice, our carbon impact and define our aspirations and goals for the future, it has been very insightful and inspiring.

Throughout the process we were able to:

- Calculate our carbon impact as a practice and set in place methods to offset 100% of it, also setting out aims for reduction in the years to come.
- Change the company’s articles to a purpose driven business - BakerBrown is now legally bound to do good for the environment.
- Implement a volunteering day per month for all BakerBrown employees, to dedicate to a cause of their choice.
- Track and calculate the impact of our projects. All of which far exceeded the requirements of Part L and 94% of our projects in the past 2 years used renewables for heating or on-site energy generation.

This was a great opportunity for us to self-reflect and ensure we are doing all that we should be as a responsible company in a climate crisis. Please do get in touch if you want to discuss how to also become a bcorp!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the fantastic team at BakerBrown for their hard work and the network of professionals that helped us throughout the process, in particular Andy at Business on Purpose and BCorpUK

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