News: 14th July 2023

Architects, engineers and designers need to embrace the circular economy

Duncan has written the foreword to the IstructE (Institution of Structural Engineers) new guidance on circular practices.

As stated in the article:
"Baker-Brown’s introduction, ‘Making a circular economy happen’, emphasises that the architecture, design, engineering, and construction community has the collective knowledge to instigate changes to reduce waste.
“To effect real systems change we need to work together”, Baker-Brown says, “to share information and exchange ideas as no one person or institution can do this alone. One thing is sure – resource security is a thing of the past.”
“We need to develop our built environment in a different way – one that uses new material and components much more sparingly, and that prioritises reuse. We need to reduce the need for new stuff, and we need to do that now.”

The full article can be read here
The guide can be consulted and purchased here